Puerto Williams Chilean Naval community, UNESCO National Park Cabo de Hornos, Chile : facing the Beagle Channel and founded in 1953, was named after John Williams (British). The town of nearly 3,000 inhabitants, has its own tourism, airport, hospital, University of Magellan College, scientific activity linked to Antarctica, fishing industry, meteorological station, and serves to retain sovereignty and security of Cape Horn area, Diego Ramírez Islands, and Chile’s Antarctic bases


The Cape Horn Race ® was founded at Valparaiso, Chile, in 2006 between the late Rear Admiral Roberto Benavente, Chilean Navy, President of the Chilean Brotherhood of Cape Horners, and Alec Honey PARA, MA, Ph.D.  This agreement is supported by the Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Navy.   At the time, Alec Honey was a conference speaker onboard Queen Mary 2 on the occasion of her maiden voyage round Cape Horn Island on 1st February 2006 and through the Patagonia fjords and glaciers towards Valparaiso.

Since then the Chilean Navy has given very precious support to the Cape Horn Race ® Team by providing pilotage advice, surveillance of safe passage, and special regulations for yachts in Chilean waters.  A special thanks goes to the Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Navy to stage the Cape Horn Cup ® Chile: the first race round Cape Horn Island.

Photo copyright of HMS Endurance filming Great Britain 2 by helicopter near Cape Horn on 23 January 1974.


Cape Horn Race ® is the first race round Cape Horn Island, celebrating over 50 years of fully crewed yacht racing round the world.  Great Britain 2 was the first yacht-team to race round Cape Horn on 23 January 1974, skippered by Sir Chay Blyth with Alec Honey as the first yacht-team navigator to race round Cape Horn.  A new world record was set-up.  HRH. Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh presented the Duke of Edinburgh’s medal to each GB2 crew-member ; the complete crew of GB2 sailed in the Solent with HRH. Princess Anne, now Princess Royal.  We wish you a warm and royal welcome to Cape Horn Race. ® 

In 1973, there was a wide range of yachts including mainly one-off multinational designs with few production yachts, and no classes. The last leg had a staggered start under time on distance handicap rules.  The race was organised by the Royal Navy with a professional Race Director.  The Cape Horn Race ® 26 follows in the wake of the Whitbread 1973-1974, having its own specific first Whitbread Race anniversary date on 23 January 1974.®

Photo copyright Chilean Navy filming Desafio Cabo de Hornos in the class 40 Global Ocean Race 2009 on the legendary meridian of Cape Horn Island, Chile.


Cape Horn Race ® mission is to create friendship between participating nations. 


Photo Alec Honey/1973/copyright. Farewell to the crew of parachutists onboard Great Britain 2 on 8 September 1973 : from left to right Mike Thompson, John Williams, Brigade Commander, 16th Parachute Brigade, Maureen Blyth and Sir Chay Blyth.


The race has an affordable budget, based on simplicity and minimum duration.


Alec Honey, copyright, registered trademark: Cape Horn Racing Club ®.


Share a life-time dream in the spirit of the albatross.


Cape Horn Racing Club ® is a sponsor and social club for racing crews and social affiliated members for an annual payment of 50 euros. All members are allowed free access to officially organised club parties.  The Club unites Cape Horners to have fun !  Skippers and crew may meet and match crew-selection; share experiences; human endeavour; and race into history !