Media focus


Photo Alec Honey/copyright.  Media activity prior to the start of the first Whitbread RTWR, 8 September 1973


An original race is more than just a race : it is a creation that inspires creation.  More than just international press, social media communication, and race documentation, it is visibly a festival of first time events and high-level networking.  A panorama of race and off-race activity : more than brand promotion and publicity on all yachts.  Listen to the powerful sound of the sea. Use our mythic imagination !  Wear our exclusive race clothing. Watch the tracking of yachts with classification. The interest of who is winning takes-over, when Argentinian, Chilean and other international celebrity yachts, are racing in close-combat round the Horn !


Spectator and sponsorship luxury cruise ship AUSTRALIS


A venture that stays in your mind for ever !

 An intimate, ultimate, relatively small, shallow draft, 5-day voyage, sponsorship in the Patagonia fjords and glaciers with excursions conducted ashore by zodiac to visit and photograph glaciers and wild-life.  The mediaship will be at anchor on the race start-line 150 metres from Cape Horn Island and passengers may land on the Island by zodiac near to the Eastern lighthouse to view the race (weather permitting), or stay onboard to watch each individual yacht make a staggered start towards the mythic meridian.


Zodiacs from spectator cruise ship on excursion from Australis.


The summit of performance and prestige. 

A prestigious yachting investment full of adventure, discovery and top performance, including high level race promotion, security, press, publicity, media, tracking, virtual game, social programme, celebrity crew and media-masters onboard specific yachts.  Forecast a long-term investment in vision of an IRC race edition planned for 2030. 

The title sposorship for Cape Horn Race ® and Cape Horn Cup ® Chile : the first race round Cape Horn Island, are proposed at 500,000 euros and 200,000 euros respectively, subject to requirement.

voiliers impact cap horn

Please note that this price does not include worldwide television diffusion LIVE from Cape Horn, and does not include corporate hospitality and business to business onboard a spectatorship, which can also be used as a close-up media platform on the start-line in very close proximity to Cape Horn Island, and for close-up photography of individual yachts.  The spectator-ship is a Chilean flagged vessel, named AUSTRALIS, and may be booked for a minimum of 2 persons with a luxury outboard cabin, and less than 200 persons as the maximum number of passengers.  Full details will be given on request. 

Television coverage is professionally managed by ICARUS SPORTS, who will provide sponsors with what they require at a price that they can afford.  Full LIVE diffusion from Cape Horn and a post-race documentary would provide a complete publicity programme for a company, enhanced by a snow-peaked cruise in Patagonia with high-level delegates, individual product TV filming against a background of glaciers, ice and seascape.  There are a number of exciting promotion and publicity programmes, which are too extensive to write about here, but which may replace a company TV budget at less cost, and with more impact !  More details by request. Please send us a message.


Photo copyright Alec Honey/1973.  HRH Princess Anne launched Great Britain 2 at Ramsgate, Kent, on 21 May 1973. Photo left to right : Christine Honey, Captain Alec Honey, Sir Chay Blyth and HRH. Princess Anne, now HRH. Princess Royal.

Join the fun

Cape Horn Race ® means that you meet people, travel to new places and find new experiences ; share adventure, history, and humain endeavour ; if you don’t like people, at least meet some penguins, enjoy a myriad of social activites, and  tie-up with the Cape Horn Racing Club. ®