The intellectual property and official race name have been registered since the Race’s foundation in 2006 as semi-figurative trademarks, including “Cape Horn Race” ®.  This special semi-figurative trademark must not be modified, neither the colours, nor the graphics, and the words “Cape Horn Race” ® must not be exchanged or inter-disposed by other words.  In the same way, the semi-figurative logo must not be shortened to less than 3 words or substituted by other words or graphics, without written authority.

The intellectual property of « Cape Horn Race » ® concept, audiovisual rights, texts, images, photos, tabulations, website, provided in its documentation are protected by author rights, and associated rights, and are the unique property of its author Alec Honey.  All activities carried out without written authorisation, with the intention of creating a race documentation using Alec Honey’s intellectual property, constitutes a violation of author’s rights.  

In addition, the semi-figurative trademarks, logos, social media and website domaines: ® ; ® are registered, including : Cape Horn Race Game ® ; Cape Horn Cup ® Chile ;  Cape Horn Challenge ® ;  Cape Horn Ocean Race ® ; Cape Horn Team Challenge ® ;  Cape Horn Global Challenge ® ;  Cape Horn Racing Club ® ;  Magellan Grand Prix ® ;  Port Stanley, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), race round Cape Horn Island and back ® ;   50th anniversary of the first yacht-racing team to race round Cape Horn, 23 January 1974 ®.   This list is not exhaustive.  In no circumstance, does the race documentation and its concept constitute a transfer of intellectual property rights, either moral or patrimonial, or of whatever nature, without written authority.  

It is incontestable that the race concept, and its original form, have been developed exclusively by Alec Honey, who is therefore rights holder and author with reference to the said concept.  To avoid all difficulty, the precise description of the event is registered by a “huissier de justice”, such as the definition of a « Race in a Race ».


President of Honour, President of Cape Horn Race Association, loi 1901.

Co-founder Cape Horn Race ®, Valparaiso, Chile, 2006.

Alec Honey PARA, L ès L. BA(Hons). M ès L. MA. Ph.D.

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