The Islanders


Meet the five fabulous species of penguin in the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) !…


More penguins than people.

 The Islands are small, remote and sparsely populated with more penguins than people, and with  sea lions, elephant and fur seals, whales and dolphins.  It is wild, unspoilt with incredibly diverse scenery and white sandy beaches. Excursions are organised to unique island-outposts  to learn of their rich history.  The Islanders are proud of their archipelago and a  warm welcome in the « village » of Port Stanley is assured.  Please note that the cost of professionally organised excusions are not included.  Investment in these Islands has a rich future…

Photo Alec Honey/1973/copyright. Great Britain 2 « port » watch, September 1973.


The Pre-Notice of Race will NOT be published in the immediate future, and will be written by the new President of the Organisation Committee and the new Race Director, Cape Horn Race, 2026. The NOR shall be based on website Race planning. 


The NOR shall be a contractual document giving more precise details on : organisation, safety, business plan and budgetary considerations, media and publicity, event programme, sponsorship and partnership, conditions and benefits for participants, intellectual property, and elaboration of  Race Rules, including :


World Sailing (ISAF) sailing regulations, referred to hereafter as RRS, with the exception of those that are modified by the Pre-Notice of Race. 

SOR rules (Special Offshore Regulations, World Sailing), category 1, mono-hulls. 

IRC Rules. Part B, Steering and Sailing Rules,

International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972, with amendments.

National Sailing Regulations. 

Special security regulations promulgated by national maritime authorities, including the Maritime Authorities of Argentina and Chile, Falkland Islands and Uruguay, particularly in Cape Horn area.

The Pre-Notice of Race, the Notice of Race and its eventual official modifications. 

Race Instructions and official modifications. 

alec Sydney logo

Photo copyright Alec Honey. Captain Alec Honey, navigator of Great Britain 2 in Sydney harbour, 1973.


Cape Horn Race Team.

 Alec Honey PARA. MA. Ph.D.  has raced in the most challenging waters and organised numerous international sailing events.  Honey subsequently developed a concept of a « race in a race » round Cape Horn Island, scheduled to be an outstanding and original spectacle in 2026.

Alec Honey is President of Honour and Co-founder of Cape Horn Race ®. 

President of the Organisation Committee. Candidature is welcomed from both International Cape Horners Organisations and Yacht Racing Clubs.

Vice President of the Organisation Committee.  Candidature is welcomed from both International Cape Horners Organisations and Yacht Racing Clubs.

 Race Director, Cape Horn Race, 2026 : to be proposed by the President of the Organisation Committee.

Press, Race, Media, Logistics, and Public Relations Manager.

The Organisation Committee...

Race Committee, Protest Committee, and Measurement Committee..

Volunteers are required.  They may be offered free travel and accommodation either in the Malvinas or Cape Horn Area.  Flights to the Islands depart from either RAF Brize Norton, UK or from Punta Arenas, Chile.  The sponsor and spectator luxury cruise ship Australis sails from Ushuaia, Argentina, to Punta Arenas, Magellan Strait, Chile, via Cape Horn, and Cape Horn Race activity


Photo Alec Honey/copyright.  Whitbread RTWR 1973-1974 : Bernie Hosking onboard Great Britain 2 with Pen Duick 6 at the start of the second leg from Cape-Town to Sydney, Australia, November 1973.


Event dates are from 23 January to 9 February 2026.


 Friday 23 january 26

(Anniversary date of the first yacht team to race round Cape Horn, 23 January 1974 ®)

Arrival in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands (Malvinas).

Saturday, Sunday and Monday 24-26 January 26

(Anniversary date of the first yacht team to race round the world and close past Port Stanley, 25 January 1974)

Welcome to the race « village », briefings, race party, yacht preparation and race safety inspections.

Tuesday to Thusrday 27-30 January 26

Staggered start on IRC. handicap rules, race inspections continue, and wild-life excursions.

The race village remains open throughtout the entire event.

Saturday 31 January 26

Yachts arrive, via Le Maire Strait, at Cape Horn Island photo gate.

24 hour « pit-stop : reunion and review of all yachts at anchor in UNESCO National Park Cabo de Hornos. 

yacht alec Honey logo port side jpeg


Sunday 1 February 26

(Anniversary date of the maiden voyage of Queen Mary 2 round the Island of Cape Horn, 1 February 2006.)

The first race round Cape Horn Island with a staggered start from a photo-gate in close proximity to the Island’s eastern lighthouse.  The first yacht to pass the mythic meridian wins !

Sunday-Wednesday, 1- 4 February 26 :

Yachts continue racing east non-stop to a finishing-line at Port Stanley.

Thursday- Sunday, 5-8 Fenruary 26 :

Race parties, celebrations, and official prize-giving.

Historical and wild-life excusions.

Race « village in a village » reunions.

Yacht preparation and safety inspections.

Monday 9 February 26 :

End of free mooring facilities : yachts depart from Port Stanley.